Dental Veneers in Macclesfield

A natural and healthy look with dental veneers

Dental veneers are one of the quickest and most effective methods available to transform your smile. They will greatly improve the colour, orientation and shape of your teeth, and even disguise small gaps. You can have a complete new smile in just a few days and no lengthy or major preparation work may be required.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are thin layers of porcelain designed to fit over the surface of your teeth and improve their appearance. If your teeth are chipped or damaged, dental veneers provide a strong, durable and attractive solution. Each veneer is colour-matched to your natural teeth and bonded to your teeth using a strong adhesive. Veneer fittings take at least two visits to our Macclesfield dental surgery.

Next steps to dental veneers

At Mac Dental we offer the finest private dental treatment and exceptional service. The dental veneers process requires at least two appointments and includes:

  • Initial consultation to discuss dental veneers and answer your questions
  • A treatment plan created in consultation with you
  • Conscious sedation if you feel nervous or anxious
  • Local anaesthesia as required
  • Colour matching to your existing teeth
  • The preparation of your teeth to receive your dental veneers
  • The fitting of temporary dental veneers
  • The fitting of your final dental veneers
  • Advice on veneer maintenance and hygiene

Expert smile solutions

Your dental veneer treatment will be carried out at our modern dental facility in Macclesfield. The placement of dental veneers is a safe and effective procedure and our experienced team will look after you through every step of your treatment.

Benefits of veneers

Dental veneers can greatly improve the appearance of your teeth and help you regain confidence in your smile. Dental veneers are an excellent treatment solution for a variety of reasons:

  • The treatment procedure is safe and secure
  • Dental veneers can improve the appearance of damaged, stained or misshapen teeth
  • Dental veneers offer long-lasting smile improvements
  • Dental veneers can be colour coded to match your natural smile

How much are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are an effective way of gaining a natural looking and gleaming smile. All our prices are listed on our fee page. Please click here for the latest dental veneers fees.

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If you are looking for a winning smile and the self-confidence that goes alongside that, make an appointment to talk to our dental team today. Our aim is to help all of our patients feel relaxed and secure during their dental treatment. Dental veneers fitted here at our Macclesfield dental facility offer lasting performance and natural results.

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