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If you're looking for expert and affordable dentures in Cheshire from a highly experienced dentist, our top rated and state-of-the-art Macclesfield clinic can help.

With over 38 years combined extensive dentistry experience, our denture team includes our highly respected dental surgeon, Nasser Syed (GDC No: 103241) whom you might recognise from his starring performance on ITV’s ‘The Dentist’and BBC's Breakfast News.

If you have missing teeth, you have probably lost confidence in the way your mouth looks and are smiling less than you would like to. As well as that, gaps in your teeth can affect the way your upper and lower teeth bite together.

One of the ways we can help you fill those gaps and regain your natural confidence is to fit dentures.

What are dentures?

Dentures are synthetic teeth that fit firmly over your gums and can be removed for cleaning and care. As well as giving a natural look, once you have adjusted to your new dentures, you will find them comfortable to wear, and experience increased self-confidence when it comes to eating and speaking.

Once your dentures have been fitted, dental hygiene will be just as important as it is with your natural teeth. Dentures can be removed for easy cleaning, and removal will allow you to brush and care for your existing teeth and gums according to your usual routine.

The perfect solution for a brighter smile

Depending on the condition and placement of your natural teeth, your dentist will recommend either a full denture, which will replace all of your upper or lower teeth, or a partial denture, which will fill a small gap and may clip onto your existing teeth using metal clasps.

Dentures are not the only answer to missing teeth so, if you are experiencing any of the issues below, we recommend visiting our modern dental surgery in Macclesfield, Cheshire to talk to our experts and find your perfect, individual solution.

  • If you have gaps in your teeth that affect the way you feel about smiling
  • If you have noticed recent changes in the positioning of your teeth
  • If you have problems eating chewy or hard food
  • If you have lost teeth through accident or decay

The confidence to smile again

It is natural to have concerns about having dentures fitted and, here at Mac Dental, we aim to help you feel relaxed and confident in your new smile, and are happy to answer all of your questions. New dentures can feel a bit unusual for a while after fitting but, once you get into the routine of caring for them, you will have the confidence to smile, chat and eat in any situation.

How much do dentures cost?

Dentures are only one of our available solutions for the issues caused by missing teeth. Please click here our latest competitive denture prices and special offers.

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