Restylane Treatment in Macclesfield

Natural-looking beauty

Restylane is a universally recognised and versatile facial filler, which can improve the overall appearance of skin by smoothing lines and wrinkles, shaping lips and adding definition to facial contours.

How does Restylane treatment work?

Restylane treatment involves the gentle injection of a gel into your skin using a very fine needle. The Restylane gel is crystal clear and based on the natural sugar, hyaluronic acid that is found in the human body. Hyaluronic acid supports tissue structures and protects skin from damage but, as you age, your body will produce less of this useful substance. The Restylane range of products is produced in sterile laboratories and has been designed to restore, refresh and improve your skin, leaving you looking and feeling younger and more self-confident. Restylane dermal fillers give long-lasting results for up to 18 months depending on your skin condition before treatment, your age and the area of your face treated.

Next step with us

Only specially trained healthcare professionals including nurses, doctors, dermatologists and dentists should administer Restylane treatments. At your initial consultation appointment, our qualified team will discuss your requirements and medical history before agreeing with you a bespoke treatment plan. Restylane treatment includes:

  • A detailed and individual consultation
  • The benefit of our years of expertise and experience
  • Additional local anaesthetic if requested (most Restylane products contain a local anaesthetic)
  • A series of fine-needle injections
  • Superior after care and advice

Your Restylane treatment will deliver prompt results but you may experience some temporary swelling and redness immediately after your appointment.

Benefits of Restylane

At our dental clinic in Macclesfield you will find all the modern expertise and equipment required for your Restylane treatment. Restylane’s non-invasive products work with your body to achieve impressive results and leave you feeling more confident in your new, youthful skin. Restylane can be used to:

  • Add volume to weakened jowls
  • Firm up jaw lines
  • Treat delicate areas around the eye
  • Fill and shape lips

How much does Restylane treatment cost?

Restylane will rejuvenate your face and make you feel young again. All our prices are listed on our fee page. Please click here for the latest Restylane prices.

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